Cemcomco, LLC
P. O. Box 52
Madison, CT 06443
Phone: (860)767-2295
Fax: (860)767-2295
E-mail: sales@cemcomco.com


Cemcomco - providing software for drug discovery, biotechnology, and
chemistry since 1980.



Available Software - 2006:

·         BOSS - Molecular Modeling, Conformational Search, Monte Carlo

·          MCPRO - Protein Modeling, Protein-Ligand Binding, NMR Refinement

·          BOMB - De Novo Design; Molecule, Library and Model Building

·          XChemEdit - Presentation Graphics, Molecule Building, General Frontend

·         QikProp - Rapid Prediction of ADME Properties and Drug-likeness

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Purchase Orders and Payment:
For businesses or schools, purchase orders can be faxed, emailed or mailed to Cemcomco. The software is classic slots normally provided by ftp or a CD may be mailed, as soon as the purchase order is received. For individuals, direct payment should be made by mail or wire to Cemcomco. Payment from U.S. organizations is normally made by check. Overseas payments are usually made by wire transfer. Please contact us for the wire transfer details .

PR China:
Please place orders for BOSS, MCPRO, and BOMB through Hongcam,

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